Research Projects

Measuring a continuous spatially and temporally target by using ultra-high-definition camera with small unmanned aircraft (UAV)

Providing a new learning assistance for elementary and junior high school students by actively using Internet and smart terminal environment

Providing recommendation and information about real estate by using easy-to-use interface and intuitive portal

Transforming a low resolution image into high resolution image by using super-resolution techniques which doesn't require high computational resources

Classification of some categories by using deep learning and data compression technique from social media data

Preventing unauthorized used of image by using embedded watermark which detects illegal copy of images

Proposing an optimum scheduling algorithm from student's classroom movement problem by using classroom arrangement and timetable information

Performing extraction and classification of a large Tweets by dividing and visualizing into size which easy for users to understand

Analyzing the economic phenomena by using P2P virtual currency, Bitcoin, which can be easily to use and receive

University Introduction in fiscal year 2015

On August 3rd, 2015, Annual summer event, university introduction was held. System engineering is very popular, since there was about 600 participant. Computational Intelligence and multimedia laboratory, as usual, we would like to take a large classroom, 3A202, to demonstrate the drone flight and the introduction of iPhone apps being developed in collaboration with other companies. Thank you a lot for your visit!




In fact, this time, because members who engaged in the study of drone (multirotor) was absent, suddenly, now other members need to do the manuver. The following image, appearance of the special training. In the intense heat, it was really cheers for good work.



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