Mission 4: Super-resolution Technology


Super resolution is a technology that converts image from low resolution to high resolution. For example, please compare 2 images below. Left image is input image which is low resolution image, it produce some noise like jagged. On other hand, in the right image, we produce high resolution image from the input to create better image quality. It is now possible to determine the shape clearly to every single leaf in the image on the right.



In the super resolution technology, many research area that still need to be optimized, that open many research topics on this field. Like in our laboratory, we try to increase the quality of image, without sacrificing the computational time. In addition, we also combine this research to UAV project to increase the quality of aerial images taken by UAV.

For this technology, our laboratory has filed two patents, and has received coverage from the press of many more.
How about you? If you are interested, why not explore the possibilities?



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