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About CMU Lab
Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Laboratory was first established on April 2006, when Dr. Hajime Nobuhara took a new position in University of Tsukuba. Starting from a small numbers, the members are growing continuously. In 2012, there were 2 doctoral students, 9 master students, 3 undergraduate students, 1 research students, and along with the professor, the members are 16 people in total.
The lab members are cheerful, positive, and very eager in their researches. If you are interested, please drop us a visit anytime.
CMU Lab.

Lab. meeting
CMU Food Storage There are numerous of cup ramens, snacks and drinks stashed in our lab, so we can do research anytime in 24 hours without worries. Please join us in a pleasant laboratory life!
In this laboratory, we offer an enhanced computing environment with a quiet space to concentrate and work on your study. In addition, your motivation will always moved in the stimulating environment of this lab, by the elite lab members coming from various universities which has been passing through the strict selection. Our laboratory members perform various researches of computational intelligence with a dream to invent a way to change the world. Each member is equipped with his/her own state-of-the-art personal computer. There are also other interesting things, so please come and visit us at any time. CMU Student Room
The Perspective Strategy of Our Laboratory

Our long-term strategy is to develop an essential information processing by computational intelligence based on discrete mathematics, in order to solve multimedia information explosion problem.

Computational IntelligenceComputational Intelligence is an integration field of science/engineering schemes related to intelligences such as fuzzy theory, neural networks, evolutionary computation, chaos and fractal theory, granular computing, rough sets, so on. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, also, many kind of sensing data. Currently, the quantity of multimedia is rapidly increasing, and we call the phenomena information explosion problem. Ordered Structure is one of mathematical structure (generally, we have three famous mathematical structures, 1. algebraic structure, 2. topological structure, and 3. ordered structure). The ordered structure is basically suitable for human intuitive compared with topological, and algebraic structure, therefore, we strongly try to employ the ordered structure to construct next generation of information processing.



Discrete Mathematics

CMU laboratory basically focuses on software oriented researches, that is, we do NOT focus on hardware oriented researches, for example, robotics etc. If you are interested in robotics, please carefully check other laboratories. There are so many robotics laboratories in JAPAN (even University of Tsukuba). You will find nice candidates. But, please consider about what you want, once again. We mean, if you want to do your original works, the software field is actually very suitable, because you do not need any environment to start your research project. Furthermore, you do not need special equipments, materials (of course money). You need only spirit to develop your original theory.

What is research?

‘What is research?’ may be, every undergraduate students (of course, research students), and graduate students, even all researchers (including famous professors), are still trying to find the clearly answer (may be). It is quite difficult for us to determine the definition of research.
CMU lab. currently recognize the definition of research as to ‘master own interest’, therefore, we appreciate your interest on academic field, and hopefully, they are strongly related to computational intelligence and ordered structure.

During your life, you can do your research in undergraduate, master, Ph.D thesis, only. Some students said, ‘I will be able to do research at Companies,’ however, there is significant difference between University and Companies. We mean, Companies (generally) are interested in to create profit, so, they cannot accept our academic interest. That is, you cannot do research at Companies, and you can do research at University, only. We hope that you can find your interest during undergraduate, master, Ph.D thesis projects. If you have no idea currently, no problem, in CMU Lab. we kindly discuss with you about your interest, carefully. Finally, you will find your interest and be able to publish nice journal papers!


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