Master’s thesis presentation 2014

On January 29, 2014, our master 2nd year students gave master’s thesis presentation. The presentation is great and they answered the question very well. Below are the title of presentation:

1. 前川 廣太郎 (主査:延原准教授、副査:鬼沢教授、坪内教授)
Multi-resolution based Dijkstra’s algorithm for multi-agent simulation and its application to optimal navigation of university students
多重解像ダイクストラ法を利用したマルチエージェントシミュレーション による筑波大学生教室移動時間最適化

2. 佐藤 裕也(主査:延原准教授、副査:鬼沢教授、中内教授)

3. 佐藤 栄一(主査:延原准教授、副査:鬼沢教授、丸山教授)

4. Muhammad Haris(主査:延原准教授、副査:鬼沢教授、丸山教授)
Efficient Single Super Resolution Based On Edge Characteristic and Its Application

Cheers for the best work everyone!!!


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